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The garage cabinets retail chain "We're Organized" in Sacramento, CA uses a false marketing ploy to convince customers to buy their product.One of the selling points of "We're Organized" was: you should buy our cabinets because they are "removable" and you can take them wherever you go.

Don't be fooled. These people are liars! What they don't tell you is that their "company policy" is that they don't move cabinets more than once, claiming that they "cannot guarantee the viability" of their product if moved more than once! Can you imagine if refrigerator or washing machine manufacturers had that same policy?

"Sorry, folks, you've moved your machine more than once, we can't repair it any longer, you're on your own!" This is what these people told us: we can't move your garage cabinets now because they've already been moved once. What they're really trying to do is to get you to buy new cabinets.

These people are *** artists of the worst variety.Don't trust them or buy anything from them

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Duh...Why would you want to take garage cabinets with you when they affixed to the walls.

Go to Sears and get a free standing, not stable unit then.Boy, some people..

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